This Carrocci Family History has been in progress for more than 30 years. I have been saving pictures, letters, and bits of paper all this time knowing that one day I would put it all together in some kind of narrative.

    A big breakthrough came in the fall of 1985, when I had the opportunity to go to Caulonia, Reggio Calabria, Italy where my father, Pietro Carrocci, was born and to Altavilla, Cosenza, Italy where Annetta Siciliano, my mother, was born. I was able to gather a wealth of information about the Carrocci side of the family. I also had the opportunity to meet many family members. The familial resemblance astounded me. I had never before seen so many short, stout Italians with moustaches in one place. And those were just the women. That trip will be described in this history.

    Most of what is written here is accurate. The sources were either Pietro or Anna themselves, or good friends of theirs who were in a position to know what was going on at the time. Unfortunately, some information has not been forth-coming because I have not been able to find the right source or because someone with the knowledge has chosen to keep it to themselves. Some of what is written is pure guesswork.

    This Carrocci Family History has to be a work in progress. New information is becoming available with each passing year. I will attempt to update this work as I find pertinent data. As an example, I know that Annetta Siciliano lived in Ashtabula, Ohio just after immigrating to the United States. I am still trying to find her in the 1910 census records for Ashtabula County. It is a slow process when one has to depend on others to find information.

    I am the last living soul of the sons and daughters of Pietro Carrocci and Annetta Siciliano. This history will end with my generation, even though the genealogy reports that are in the addendum contains information on the generations that follow mine. It will be up to someone in those younger generations to gather information and continue the work. It is my hope that someone will step forward and take up the task. There are important events that happen during each generation, occurrences that should be noted for the entire family.

    All families have heroes and villains. Ours is no different. We should be careful in judging the actions of some members of the family because, after all, they are the colorful events that make up the texture of the fabric of every family.

    It is my hope that you will find this effort rewarding to read, even amusing at times. It has been a labor of love for me.


David Carrocci

February 2004